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Introducing Ecwid’s “Build Your Business” Academy


Listen to the newest episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, featuring Josh Berkstresser, Education Strategy Manager at Ecwid.

Josh is on the mic to share some exciting news: Ecwid is launching our very own “Build Your Business” Academy. This new platform will provide invaluable information for Ecwid sellers.

The Ecwid Academy is designed to centralize the knowledge you need to run a successful online store. The goal, philosophy, and name of the academy are to help you build your business from the ground up.

New educational content on debuting on the platform includes resources that explain the nuts and bolts of selling online, such as setting up your store, as well as detailed instructions for solving specific ecommerce problems.

Two popular curriculum modules are “Launch Your Business” and “Get Your First Sale.” The series covers generating traffic and getting store visitors. Then it moves on to sales tips and how to convert site visitors into paying customers. The curriculum then helps with information on how to ship your product once you’ve made a sale. And, of course, how to follow up and provide excellent customer service so buyers become repeat customers.

We encourage you to take a peek at the “Launch Your Business” and “Get Your First Sale” modules first to ensure you have a good understanding of some ecommerce basics. Then you can move on to more advanced lessons on things like: creating great content, writing excellent copy, and taking eye-catching pictures.

These lessons are designed to be brief. That way, it’s easier to find time to fit this training into the time you already spend working on your business.

We want to make it easier for you to expand your entrepreneurial knowledge, and Ecwid’s Build Your Business Academy was specifically designed to be a super helpful first step for beginners. And the best part? It’s completely free! Enroll in our online course at “Build Your Business” today.


“We always had the long-term goal of creating a place where educational content was 1 – easy to find, 2 – organized in a way where our users and merchants didn’t have to think about ‘What do I need to take and when do I need to take it?’ And 3 – it looks good and gives us a place where we can keep adding educational content. We’re going to keep creating content and finding ways to support our merchants in selling and running their business.” “The name we chose for the academy is very instructive of our goal with the content: ‘Build Your Business.’ I think that will resonate with our merchants because ultimately that’s what they’re trying to do. Whether it’s initially a side hustle or a core hustle. But it’s not just a store, it’s a full business, and there are multiple elements to that. It’s not just ‘How do I do these settings or connect my store to Facebook?’ but ‘How do I actually sell on Facebook? What are the tactics I should use? Or what are the tactics I should use to advertise on TikTok? This platform that I keep hearing about that has billions of users.’ And our job is to get you covered in that area.” “Time is the most valuable resource, but one that we often don’t prescribe value to. That’s why on average, each lesson is five minutes. There are seven or eight lessons in a series, so a whole series is less than an hour.” “We designed courses in a way that you can look at any course page and skim through. Below every lesson, there are the key takeaways and the key resources. Blog articles, Help Center articles, other links that are relevant to what we talked about in the video. For example, links to apps from the Ecwid App Market that can help add the functionality to achieve what we talked about.”

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