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How to Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty With Email Marketing


In this episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, our podcast guest is email marketer Chase Dimond. He is the co-founder of Boundless Labs, a top email marketing agency.

Tune into a super informative podcast to get insights on email campaigns every beginner seller can (and should) implement. Learn ways you can use emailing to create a consistent revenue stream.

Why You Need Email Marketing

Chase covers the main things that make email marketing so effective for online sellers:

The ability to create personalized emails is unparalleled to social media. Email is highly consistent. For example, let’s say last month you made 20% of your revenue through emails. If you use emailing in a similar way this month, you can expect to still make 20% of your revenue from email. Email is inexpensive. You pay the same amount of money every month to your email service provider, whether you send one or 30 emails. Email is very conversion-focused. People will subscribe for discounts, offers, and freebies. When you put the right message in front of the right people at the right time, you will get more purchases.

Pop-Ups to Collect Customer Emails

The primary way that businesses collect email addresses is through onsite traffic. Chase goes over different email collection tools you can leverage on your website.

The first one is a pop-up. It will literally pop up in the center of the website, or even take over the whole screen.

The next one is called a fly-up. It’s like a pop-up, but slightly less intrusive. It usually comes out from the bottom left-hand side of the corner. It’s a lot smaller, and doesn’t take over the whole window.

The last one’s called an embedded form. It typically lives in the footer of a website or within the text of a blog.

Offers that Encourage Customers to Subscribe

Chase describes offers you can use as incentives for customers to subscribe to your email list.

The first one is “Sign up to receive our newsletter.” It’s not very exciting, so you can expect about 1-2% of folks to give you their email.

The next one focuses on discounts or deals. Chase says that 5-8% of people usually provide their email addresses, depending on the offer.

The last one is called “Enter to Win,” which offers a weekly present, a monthly giveaway, etc. This one will get around 8-12% of people to join the email list.

Essential Email Sequence for Online Stores

Chase recommends a four-part email sequence for online sellers. These are the first few emails that subscribers will receive after joining. They are the most important messages of the entire customer journey with your brand. These emails will get subscribers accustomed to engaging with you via email and set the tone of the whole relationship.

The first email is sent right away when a person subscribes to your list. It is a welcome email.

The second email will go out one or two days later if people have not purchased anything. That’s where you talk about the story behind your company, the unique quality standards, and the benefits of buying your products.

If people again have not bought anything after receiving these two initial emails, the third email will leverage social proof. Social proof comes in many shapes and sizes: press mentions, customer reviews, testimonials, any kind of celebrity or influencer endorsements.

If the new customer still has not bought anything from your store, the last email should entice people to follow you on social media.

There are other email flows that are crucial for sellers first starting out: welcome series, abandoned cart email, thank you emails, product review requests.

Email Copywriting Tips

Chase shares a couple of email copywriting tips for online sellers:

Make your email copy revolve around a big idea. It has to be exciting, interesting, timeless, and relevant. Give your readers one call-to-action in your email to keep them focused. Write like you speak. Read your copy out loud. If it doesn’t feel like you’re talking, rewrite it. Talk to a person, not a crowd. Your target should feel like the email was written specifically for them.

There are many email flows that you could and should create. But if you’re overwhelmed or just starting out, the email flows discussed in the podcast will get you through a lot of the things that you absolutely need.

We hope you enjoy listening to Chase and learning more about email flows. Want to be a guest on our podcast too? Use this link or the form below to share your story that deserves a spotlight!

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