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Ecommerce Content 101: How to Manage Content Creation With Ease


Welcome to the second episode of the Content Creation series!

In the first episode, podcast host Rich explained why you want to create content for your business. He talked about the benefit of creating a brand identity for your business and the need to drive attention to your business.

Now that you know that your business needs a content marketing strategy, we want to help you develop one with ease.

Things That Stops You from Making Content

There are generally four obstacles that stop people from growing, including improving your business by creating content. These obstacles are price, technology, time, and ability.

The first three are external limitations.

The fourth, on the other hand, is a whole different monster. It encompasses internal concerns about one’s ability, which can turn into fear, shame, and judgment.

Today we’re going to debunk the first three obstacles. Next episode, we’ll go deeper into the fourth one.

Creating Content on a Budget

You don’t have to worry about the price of making content because this can be done on almost any budget — even for free! While highly produced videos using expensive equipment is nice, many times your phone is perfectly fine.

We see by the rise of platforms like TikTok that people are hungry for raw stories. They don’t want filters. They don’t want highly produced, thought-out videos. They wanna feel like they’re witnessing moments of real life. You can definitely provide that with just your phone camera.

Don’t worry about the second obstacle — technological skill — either. A computer with the internet can provide almost anything you need. Content can also be created and edited with just your phone. If you have both or one of these devices, you don’t need to invest in fancy equipment to start creating content.

Focusing on One Platform First

Rich also talks about the third obstacle that prevents people from making content — time. This is the most common concern among business owners: “How will I fit content creation on multiple platforms into my already full 24-hour day?” It can be seriously overwhelming.

You might think you have to create content for all the different platforms. Actually, you don’t have to be on every platform. You should start by focusing on one. You choose “the one” by figuring out the main sites your target audience uses. Pick the most popular one. Then, once you get the hang of it, you can expand and post on other platforms.

Remember, you don’t have to be everywhere at once. Pick one platform, get familiar, and start creating content. Once you’re comfortable, then you can expand.

Making Content Quickly & Smart

To save time on content creation, you need to learn how to use content for multiple platforms. You can do that by either subdividing, editing, or repurposing it. For instance, you can make one big video and then split it up into targeted pieces. You could even separate out the audio and have an instant podcast. Or you could transcribe the audio, and now you have a blog post.

Check out this blog post of Gary Vaynerchuk on creating over 60 pieces of content from one source material.

Don’t Let Your Doubts Stop You

Now you see that a content marketing strategy is manageable, don’t overthink it. Remember that you already have the technology you need in your pocket or on your desktop. All you need is to give this strategy an honest effort and adjust along the way.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Ecommerce Content 101.

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