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What it is and how it works?

The 2022 Financial Literacy Challenge! is a virtual competition runs worldwide by an organisation called as Personal Finance Lab on their amazing platform. The student complete a 12-months simulation of gameplay where students managed their bills and expenses. They started as students with part-time jobs, and after 6 months graduate and take on full-time jobs.

The students’ goals were to build their net worth by transferring money from their checking (current) account to savings, and build up their credit score by responsibly covering cash flow shortfalls (and paying off their balance on time).

Students progressed through 12 “months” of the game, with each month taking about 20 minutes to complete. “Life Events” crop up every couple days, with unplanned expenses (and occassionally income) putting pressure on their budget – requiring careful planning! 

5 great reasons to join the challenge!

Listen to what they have to say on what they have learned after playing this game

An engaging learning experience that develops life skills with real-life scenarios and consequences.

Self Reflection

3 Videos
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  • Students can play the Budget Game from March 28th to April 29th, 2022.
  • The game includes 12 months of gameplay where students manage their bills and expenses
  • They start as students with part-time jobs, and after 6 months graduate and take on full-time jobs
  • Students earn the most amount of points for meeting their monthly savings goals

Optional Completion Certificate 

  • It’s not obligatory for students to complete all the lessons to be eligible for prizes.
  • For students who want to learn more, the included curriculum comprises 86 individual assignments on investing and personal finance.
  • Each lesson includes a pop quiz at the end with 3-5 questions.
  • Students are required to get 100% on all quizzes to earn the completion certificate.
  • Students are able to retake quizzes to improve their score.
  • Example assignments include: What is the New York Stock Exchange?; Investing Strategies; Pay Down Debt or Save?; Life Insurance; Use the Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator

Play an Interactive, Fun & Real Time Stock Game

Stock Game Rules

  • Trading is open from March 28th to April 29th, 2022.
  • Students may trade US stocks and ETFs, and US mutual funds, and bonds
  • Students manage a $100,000 virtual portfolio
  • Weekly deposits of $1000 will be distributed for students to begin trading on Monday mornings
  • There is a $5 minimum price for all stocks
  • Students may short sell and buy on margin
  • Students may day trade
  • Students may only invest 25% of their portfolio in any one security
  • Each student is allowed only one entry